Magyar Zsidók Központi Tanácsának iratai (Documents of the Central Jewish Council) Magyar Zsidók Központi Tanácsa This group of documents contains the records of the Central Council of Hungarian Jews (as of April 22, 1944: Interim Executive Board of the Association of Jews in Hungary). The bulk of the material consists of the administrative materials (notes, reports, memoranda, correspondence, financial papers, registry books) of various departments, organizations and agencies of the Jewish Council, especially the Social Department, the Housing Office and the Ghetto Police. The documents also include various name lists, such as lists of able bodied men, ghetto police staff, internment camp prisoners, patients of ghetto hospitals and Jewish Council employees. It holds papers as well recording the relations of the Council vis-à-vis the German and Hungarian authorities. The document group also contains maps and building registries created during the June 1944 concentration of the Budapest Jews and the setting up of the Budapest ghettos in November-December 1944. Further noteworthy elements of the sub-fond are the documents of the nationwide survey conducted by the Council upon the order of the German authorities pertaining to the financial and organizational data of more than 700 Jewish communities, as well as an information registry card collection set up by the Council to record news arriving from the countryside during the ghettoization and deportation of Jews in the spring and summer of 1944. 1944-00-00/1945-00-00 Ca. 2 linear meters;dc A