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The Housing Office of the Jewish Council was established as a separate administrative entity in the wake of the Hungarian authorities’ demand to evacuate 1500 Jewish apartments on April 4-5, 1944. It grew to be one of the largest offices in the Council’s structure, and its leader, Rezső Müller became almost as influential as President of the Council, Samu Stern himself. The Housing Office was in charge of implementing the first ghettoization measures against the Budapest Jews ordered by the Hungarian authorities in June 1944. The Department set up 23 “main districts” and created a network of 216 “district offices” all around Budapest to relocate 200,000 Jews in just a matter of days. The Department’s administrative subunits included (among others): Order Department, Military Department, Registry Office, Mediation Committee, Allocation Department.

Magyarországi Zsidók Szövetsége 1944 1945 Lakáshivatal iratai (Documents of the Housing Office) Strasszmann Zoltán és neje Róbert Gyula