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The Alliance Israélite Universelle (Hebrew: כל ישראל חברים ‎) is a Paris-based international Jewish organization founded in 1860 by the French statesman Adolphe Crémieux to safeguard the human rights of Jews around the world. The organization promotes the ideals of Jewish self-defense and self-sufficiency through education and professional development.<br /> <br /> The motto of the organization is the Jewish rabbinic injunction Kol yisrael arevim zeh bazeh, translated into French as Tous les israélites sont solidaires les uns des autres ("All Jews bear responsibility for one another"). <br /> <br /> In 1860, Alliance Israelite Universelle embarked on a "mission civilisatrice" to advance the Jews of the Middle East through French education and culture.[2] It opened its first school in Tetouan, Morocco in 1862.[3] In 1870, Charles Netter, a founding member of Alliance Israeli Universelle, received a tract of land from the Ottoman Empire as a gift and opened the Mikveh Israel agricultural school, the first of a network of Jewish schools in Palestine before the establishment of the State of Israel.<br /> <br />

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