Lakáshivatal iratai (Documents of the Housing Office) Magyarországi Zsidók Szövetsége Lakáshivatal This body of documents contains the records of the Housing Office of the Jewish Council. They regard predominantly the concentration of Budapest Jews into so-called yellow-star houses in June 1944.The material also holds correspondence between the Housing Office and various other departments of the Jewish Council. The records include, for example: • lists of buildings designated as yellow-star houses • list of apartments rented or owned by Jews and confiscated by the Jewish Council on the order of the Hungarian authorities • correspondence of the Office with various Jewish individuals regarding their appeals, complaints and requests • decrees and orders of the Jewish Council pertaining to the evacuation of apartments • registry of orders received by the Housing Department from the Hungarian and German authorities between April 18 and May 5, 1944 • list of district leaders responsible for the implementation of the forced moving • applications; claims; official forms for housing • written orders of the Housing Department • orders issued by the Hungarian authorities • correspondence with Jewish institutions (Hospital of Wesselényi Street, Committee for Veterans of the National Offices of Israelites) • registration sheets including the main data of certain apartments • tenant registry cards • apartment requisition documents 1944-00-00/1945-00-00;dc 3